in the special year 2012 a special journey:
Humpback Whales of Tonga in the South Pacific

encounter and swimming with Humpback whales,
Shamanic Journey, discover the island

1. October (arrival day) - 9. October, 2012 (departure day)

There are only a few places on our world, where it is possible to encounter Humpback whales directly in the water. Tonga in the South Pacific is one of them. These gentle giants come here on their yearly migration from the poles into the warm equatorial waters, to give birth to their young and prepare them for the journey. We encounter them during a time when the calves are already larger, playful and curious, the mothers and other whales relaxed and open for encounters.
We are supported by a professional and international team speaking English and German. We are on their boat, which adheres to international security measures, four whole days. There is also a marine biologist on board, with focus habitat conservation in the tropics. This means we encounter the Humpback whales with utmost respect and awareness and donīt impose on them. We let them approach us with their natural curiosity.

To watch them swim then, gaze into their eyes and feel their energy field, hear their singing, is deeply moving, heart opening and healing. With the aide of the peaceful Humpback whales you can experience the deep wisdom and truth of your soul.
Swimmers of all levels are welcome: Safety is first priority, you are accompanied well by several swim-guides, we teach you snorkeling if it is new to you.
We stay in an idyllic beach-resort - quiet, small and secluded. Here too English and German are spoken and the whale boat picks us up directly from here. There is unlimited drinking water and the standard is excellent and proper. From here we take trips in the area and on the island, nature as well as town. We also snorkel directly from our private resort-beach on the house-riff, where there are turtles and many colorful fish and coral. We support our processes with shamanic ceremonies and relaxation exercises - and simply through laughing, enjoying the lushness of Tonga, beach and sun! (Of course you can take time for yourself apart from the group whenever you like)
Video: Swimming with Humpback Whales of Tonga
snorkeler with whales
snorkeler with whale
c/o B.Heagney & S.Frank
c/o B.Heagney & S.Frank
c/o B.Heagney & S.Frank