14 participants and hundreds of wild and free dolphins. The dolphins were here on seven days, we usually spent 1 to 1,5 hours with them in the water. The rest of the time we explored old Lemuria and new Hawaii, dreamed, enjoyed, laughed ...

"This journey was my deepest experience until now. I will always call in these energies again, feel and remember them. I wish the happiness that I felt to every human being. And I know that every person can experience such happiness, in whatever form ... an open heart. I really wish it to every person!!! MAHALO - THANK YOU, dear Lisa, for everything from my whole heart!"        (Silvia E.)

filmed by Namayan, Irene, Lisa, Paul MacIsaac
editing Lisa, 6 min
The evening before we called the dolphins with a prayer to help us make this video. A video to transport a piece of their love and joy of life for those viewing it. And so many came in the morning ... it was magical ... I was able to swim with them over an hour. Cameraman Paul had many opportunities to film ... with a simple little camera in video-mode.

This video shows why I love swimming with the dolphins so much ... the heartopening, the flowing and gliding, the love that I feel then, healing. Life is such a miracle, a Great Mystery - and the dolphins are my wonderful teachers in it! Joy and play, simply living and enjoying for  the pure love of life. And flowing, gliding, choosing the most fluent and gentle path of least resistance

filmed by Paul MacIsaac, editing Paul and Lisa, 8 min
Video: Dolphinswimming with Lisa
Video: Seminar Dolphinswimming in Hawaii
It was time once again to fly back - my last day in Hawaii. And the dolphins came to say farewell! Spun and danced around me, jumped, played ... With us Paul, who filmed it all ...

Filmed and editing by Paul MacIsaac, Breath-Taking Productions, 4 min
Video: Dolphin Playtime: playing, jumping, spinning ... 

Dolphins: Angels and Healers of the Seas -
by Lisa Biritz
and Paul MacIsaac

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Angels and Healers
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More of my videos on YouTube
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