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Not only does the sweatlodge cleanse physically - like the sauna -, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is nourishment for the soul and connects the visible with the invisible world, gives room for heart and soul. This is a weekend of inner and outer renewal; of talking and listening from the heart in the circle; and of rituals. The sweatlodge symbolizes the womb of mother earth, from which we are reborn and cleansed after the ceremony.

This Native American cleansing ceremony is a shamanic tradition. In Europe similar rituals were once practiced in Celtic times; however, this knowledge was lost during the middle ages. That is why I learned it in Sun Bear´s tradition of the Ojibwa; the same way it has been passed on since tens of thousand years in direct, uniterrupted lineage.

We meet at noon and prepare ourselves for the evening´s ritual with the help of songs, dances and methods of insight. Together we prepare the sweatlodge and light the fire that heats the stones. In the early evening we go into the sweatlodge. Afterwards we finish the ceremony with a hearty soup, prepared together earlier.

The next day begins with breakfast together. After that there is a closing circle for sharing the experience and cleaning up the space

location: only one hour from Vienna, in the beautiful countryside of the Bucklige Welt

cost: "Give Away" (info about that further down) of minimum € 30 to € 110 (according to income- and life circumstances)
+ accomodation, location rental and sweatlodge-firewood of € 25 (to be paid on location)
... Total € 55 - 135
We cook together! The preparation of the soup together for after the sweatlodge ceremony is connecting and a reminder that we receive our food from mother earth

time: arrival starting 12h noon, begin 13h. The sweatlodge takes place in the early evening.
The next morning breakfast together, circle, and after that cleaning up the sweatlodge space. Departure in the afternoon around 13h

"Give-Away": The sweatlodge should be possible for everyone, that is part of the sweatlodge tradition. That is why the minimum give-away is € 30 + € 25 accomodation, location rental and sweatlodge-firewood. People with higher income give more by self-assessment, up to € 110 + € 25 accomodation, location rental and sweatlodge-firewood.
Part of the sweatlodge tradition is to express the healing and cleansing received through the give-away. I trust that you, knowing what is being asked nowadays for seminars, can estimate and decide yourself what is appropriate and possible for you as give-away

children and teenagers: are welcome. Accomodation- and utility costs per child / teenager € 10

to attend kindly register


Sweatlodges for Special Occasions:

... like birthday, baptism - welcoming ceremony, wedding - unification ceremony, transitional ceremony, celebration, beginning or ending, affirmation of an intention ...

Healing Sweatlodge:

either a Sweatlodge with just the client or, for support, including a few people invited by the client. The focus lies solely on the healing of the client

more information on request
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