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Individual Sessions
Goal for the client are joy, love and lightness. Life energy increases through healing the landscape of the soul. Harmony and one´s own place and purpose in the secret and wonder of life follow

These are the different types of shamanic work and work with the landscape of the soul that are possible:

Family + System Sculpting:

As effective in individual sessions as in group work. T
his energetic work brings light into shadow and balance into disharmonious areas of life. These are often created by family and ancestral history. Most of all, sculpting work lets love and life energy flow again. We work with the landscape of the soul

Reincarnation - Healingwork:

You are guided into previous incarnations in a regression and solve issues from the past. From this a deep healing and understanding of the now, the present follows

Soul Retrieval:

In this ancient shamanic work soul parts are retrieved that left because of painful and traumatic experiences. From the loss of soul parts come fatigue, depression and other difficulties. Through soul retrieval joy and life return

Trancejourney to Power:

I accompany the client on a trancejourney, in which you yourself have the possibility to journey into the world of your soul. You can come in contact with your power animal and other strengthening entitites in order to heal or learn more about yourself

Dolphin- and Whale-Healing, -Channeling and -Energetic Transmission:

Through my long connection with these angels and healers of the seas I facilitate as a channel, translator and ambassador for their special energies.


Work with disharmonies in the soul which have already manifested as physical complaints or illnesses. That which causes the illness is "extracted" - removed out of the body energetically. Health can follow

Schamanic Counseling:

Through focused counseling techniques inner conflicts are resolved. This method is based on the tradition of the Talking Stick Circle which is used in tribal culture. The person holding the Talking Stick and talking receives undivided attention and is not interrupted until he has said everything - for many people a new and healing experience

Reiki, Energy Work and Channeling:

Lets energies flow again and makes current energies visible

Breath Work:

Breath is the rhythm of life. Often we stop breathing and hold our breath while making painful experiences. Through breath work you breathe these blocks away and free

Distant Healing:

Sometimes a personal session is not possible due to distance or other reasons. Because the world of the soul exists beyond space and time, it is possible to do distant healing

Coaching per Phone or Internet (Skype):

Coaching per phone or Internet (skype) are also possible

per hour € 60, by time

In Acute Cases...:

...you can simply call me on my mobile and make a short-term phone-appointment (according to availability). Cost per minute per 1 €. When feelings are overwhelming, already being able to voice them for 15 minutes can bring considerable relief. And 15 minutes of time can often be found spontaneously

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