Dolphinswimming in the Red Sea

Shamanic Journey - in the tranquility of the desert by the Red Sea -
at a large coral reef

Many hundreds of dolphins live in large coral reefs near the coast of the Red Sea. They rest in the calm and clear waters of the reefs, birth their babies, play. We can encounter them here, come into contact with their gentle and playful energy. To watch them as they swim, to look into their eyes and feel their energy field, to hear their whistling and clicking, to swim with them brings deep happiness and heart opening. The soul is happy and can become healthy and whole
The area in the south of Egypt is world-famous for its breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs and the turquoise, clear ocean. We live directly at the beach in a quiet and ecofriendly desert village, at a coral reef. In the water - aside from many colorful fish and corals - we may also encounter turtles, rays and sea cows. The dolphins also swim here sometimes.

We drive to different dolphin-coral-reefs with a large and comfortable boat on three days this week. Of these, we will also spend two days and a night at a little known and very natural reef with the dolphins, on a boat with sleeping cabins. This is special and only possible to organize as a group in this way - there are no touristic day trips there. On the other dolphin-trip to an also little known reef we will be on the ocean 5-7 hours. The drive to this reef takes 1 hour, so we will spend many hours there. Swimmers of all levels are welcome: Safety is first priority, you are accompanied well by several swim-guides, we teach you snorkeling if it is new to you.
coral reef
sea cow
Video: Dolphinswimming in the Red Sea

On the other days we snorkel from the beach, relax, enjoy. Maybe we will do a trip into the desert to the bedouins, according to the groupīs wish. We support our processes with shamanic ceremonies and relaxation exercises - and simply through laughing and enjoying, beach and sun! (Of course you can take time for yourself apart from the group whenever you like)