Dolphinswimming in Hawaii

Shamanic Journey, on the trails of Lemuria,
volcano- and jungle-hiking

Big Island: an island with - measured from the bottom of the ocean - the highest mountains of the world. Higher than the Himalaya. Over 9.000 metres they rise up, volcanic, from the depths of the sea. On this island, where it is said that the ancient Lemuria was, many wonderful beings reside. At the beach one encounters giant sea turtles. From there you can also see the dolphins - and swim with them.
After over 20 years, during which I am able to swim with the dolphins and whales around the globe, this is one of the most beautiful and intense locations for me. In the months and weeks that I have stayed on Big Island, 1-2-hour long swim encounters with the dolphins occurred regularly. To watch them as they swim, to look into their eyes and feel their energy field, to hear their whistling and clicking, to swim with them brings deep happiness and heart opening. The soul is happy and can become healthy and whole. Swimmers of all levels are welcome: Safety is first priority, you are accompanied well by several swim-guides, we teach you snorkeling if it is new to you.
We also take a boat trip to the dolphins. We hike through the jungle. We visit sacred Hawaiian sites. This includes a trip to an active volcano, where we hike and see the glowing red lava at night. It is possible to stand close to flowing lava. This is supported by the national park and its rangers. To experience how the earth creates itself is a deep existential and impressing experience. We support our processes with shamanic ceremonies and relaxation exercises - and simply through laughing, enjoying the lushness of Big Island, beach and sun! (Of course you can take time for yourself apart from the group at any time you like.)
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