Family + System Sculpting,
Shamanism and Ancestors

day seminar


We connect with our ancestors - in a shamanic trance-journey as well as in a shamanic ancestral ceremony. There is space for four sculpts. These are embedded in shamanic ceremonies, which give the family sculpt additional strength.

Parents and ancestors are representatives for the Great Mystery: that life force and energy, that lets all life flourish since billions of years. We humans are part of this. We explore our heritage that we received from our ancestors and are able to heal injuries and blocks. Then we can thank our ancestors for their gifts and appreciate them. A powerful experience and heart opening!

Even if you don´t work with your own family system: If you are chosen as a representative in another ancestral system, this is also often in synchronicity with your own issues. Here too your energy can start flowing again. And: On this day representatives / participants have space for their issues in the shamanic trance-journey and shamanic ancestral ceremony.

time: arrival at 9.30h, begin 10h punctually, end approx. 19h


comfortable clothing, warm socks, water bottle, 2 blankets (one to lie on, one to cover up with), blindfold, power object and / or something that reminds you of your ancestors

smiling face