Oh how my muscles still are in pain... ;o) my legs, soles, back, shoulders... the whole list would blast this page. what a beautiful agony - as with every move I make it's is constantly reminding me about what I lived through this weekend.

I was so much looking forward to this experience already. When I first heard about the idea of creating a weekend full of ritual trance dancing for the individual and global healing I just knew - this is what I have been waiting for, for a long time already, and I immediatly put my name on the list. As some of you might already know, it was the time when usually the traditional INDIAN SUNDANCE is taking place. This ritual over tenthousand years old, which has its seed in the ancient north american indian culture, where they dance for several days and nights for the healing of their mind and body, for their visions, as well as for the well being of the whole community, earth, universe... When I found out that it was the same weekend as Shiva Moon Festival in Hungary I shortly had some doubts where to go... but a beautiful soul who had passed my way lately inspired me so much my decision was very soon very clear. I had my festival summer already at Sonica and Ozora. This was now the time to do something just for me with a stronger focus on the spiritual sides of my life.

I stopped work early on Friday (which usually never is the case) and picked up lovely path companion Sissi (my favorite felt flower designer) at her place with the car I just had bought the week before from my cousin - yeah ultimate freedom and independance - ready for take off!! Finally we were on the way to the beautiful mountains of Styria, about 2 hours from Vienna. we almost didnt get lost ;o) and found the most cutest and just lately renoveated 250 years old cottage, next to a small river. We were late but we just made it for the opening cermony at 7 pm, behind the house we discoverd an amazingly beautiful clearing in the woods. Old trees, lush grass - a paradise for fairies, elves and gnomes. In the grass they mowed a spiral, about 8 m wide - the dancfloor! In the middle of the spiral a huge piece of deco, like a tube, an obelisc, a coloumn... symolising the "big secret of life". And 4 altars: one for each point of the compass after the tradition of the medicine wheel.

We started to get into a big circle around the spiral on the ground. The four main organiser and spiritual guides , called out to the 4 directions and elements for our guidance and inspiration, in their hands a bowl of smoking sage

-to the guardian and altar of the EAST: decorated with scarves and flowers in pink/red like the sunrise, standing for the element AIR
-to the guardian and altar of the SOUTH: bright yellow colours like the sun at midday, element: WATER (also closest to the river), the temple of our emotions and feelings
-to the guardian and altar of the WEST: colours dark blue and black like the evening and night, element FIRE
-to the guardian and altar of the NORTH: colour white, element EARTH, symbol of embracing life and death.

The whole set up was so beautiful, I still see it in front of me, there was so much love within every little detail, the whole concept really fascinated me and exeeded all my expections, which are usually quite high (those who know me.... ;o). Inspiration and installation for the deco concept came from Lydia Artica, who really did an amazing job!
After the opening ceremony and a short introduction we started the evening with some hours of dancing, yeah just what I had come for! The musical guidance was in the beloved hands of talented Mr. Gobayashi himself. Starting with finest spherical sounds, over ambient, up to strong heart beating and earth stomping progressive trance . Music from heart to heart, never letting you drop, but always giving you a break in the right moment to get aware of the silence behind all noise, to hear the river flow, the birds sing, the crickets chirp, the wind in the trees...
The first night was the night of the sweat lodge. I had no concrete idea about this ritual and was quite happy we only did a shorter and milder version of the traditional ritual. Nevertheless I was still pretty much impressed about myself that I really went through it until the end and that I really enjoyed it though I went pretty close to my own limits. I always felt safe, well guided and protected. A beautiful group of people - thank you so much. Apart from them I was very pleased to also meet and learn from

-the EAGLE of the east
-the COJOTE of the south
-the BEAR of the west and
-the white BUFFALO women of the north.

Thanks to you, the stone creatures and the fire guardians as well. ;o)
I think we only went to bed around 4 am after a washing in the river and a hot soup in the cottage. and I felt soooo comfortable in my TIPI. Always wanted to sleep / live in one and I felt like in "Dances with Wolfs" ;o) always busy keeping the fire burning and learning to live with the smokey smell in my hair and cloth :o) back to the roots.
after 4 hours of sleep Gobayashi woke us up again with a beautiful serie of Mantras in the most morning around 8 am. Keeping my morning meditation, washing and dressing session short, the dancefloor called us loud until midday. The weather was beautiful - just perfect! I remember that I was always dancing close by the altar of the south (yellow), the attraction was too big, I made my circles in the spiral but in the end I always came to the same point again, where I was before - it felt best to dance there...
After lunch we had an interessting (unguided) trance journey with 4 drums giving us the rythm to dive into alpha waves. I truley cant really say if I slept, as I was so tired, or if I was spacing away. It felt beautiful though and way too short. We had a feedback/sharing group after this which I really appreaciated to get a litte insight into the background of other participant. The group was a good mix of old, more or less close friends I  know from Goa Parties and also some non-trancers of all ages, cultural backgrounds and origins. Later on I got a beautiful treatment from my shaman women Clarissa, whom I was very happy to have there as a dance companion - yeah!

One of my definite hightlights was the concert of crystal singing bowls and overtone instruments the same night. I never heard the crystal singing bowls before (thank you Goba!) ... this frequency and combination with the other insturments and arrangement... went straight into my brain and knocked me out - unfortunalty... in a way... as I was so nosey and wanted to experience this more consciously and see how they play the instruments, but soon I spaced away... and woke up again when the drums started to guide the crowd outside again. Another late night outdoor dance session first with the tribal drums only, until Goba took over the electronic beats again.
I took all my energy again and contributed to the gathering with a fire show, poi playing with Elis - always a pleasure! I danced until I almost couldnt stand anymore until Goba finally unbaned me with his last track for the night... it was impossible to get the smile out of my face... the Tipi was my shelter and I fell asleep with the beautiful picture of Sissi sqating next to the fire place in the tipi keeping the flames alive and all people warm.

I could get used to be woken up with beautiful mantras in the early morning. My body was in agony already but it still was easy to get up and first thing I did was going to the river (the cottage spring had run out of water) to wash off some sweat, dust and smoke of the last night ;o))) The last day was dedicated to the last dance session focusing on a global topic. the energy had risen quite high and I saw pure joy on the others faces. Undescribable. We all found back to the circle in the last tones of the last track - tired but happy, heart overflowing...

Later on, after brunch, I took a little nap next to the edge of the forest to get ready for the drive home. It felt strange to take all my stuff out of the tipi, I would have loved to take the tipi with me ;o) we left before sunset on Sunday, after a long good bye session.
I am looking forward to the pictures, they should be online soon I hope, will let you know... I didnt take them myself this time - what a great idea to let only one person, a profi, deal with this. Thank you Werner! I felt liberated from the need to always catch the moment.

My profound thanks go to Ingo Gobayashi (www.myspace.com/dj_gobayshi) and Lisa Rainbow (www.lisarainbow.com) our shamanic guide, who made this all possible. As well to lovely Nikla who was weaving the magic strings between the main crew and participants and took over many organisational parts of the gathering, keeping things flowing.

in gratefulness for every moment I danced through