Hawaii Retreats
Shamanic Journey, Huna & Aloha, Dolphins and Whales, on Lemuria´s trails, Sea Turtles, Volcano, jungle hiking

8.-15. August 2018

22. Oct. - 2. Nov. 2018
Training for Shamanic Healing Methods

4.-11. Dec. 2018
Gentle Yoga and the Wisdom of the Dolphins and Whales

4.-15. February 2019
Training for Shamanic Healing Methods

In addition to the group trips, you can come as an individual guest 
to meet the dolphins, there is availability.
Please inquire for rates and guest house.

United Nations lecture by Lisa Biritz
in the Year of the Dolphin 2007

about dolphins and whales, their protection and significance in this day and age
Video: Dolphinswimming with Lisa
Peace-Message of the Dolphins:
lecture by Lisa Biritz at the
International Peace Conference
at the Rosenburg 2008
some past seminars...
Dolphinswimming Hawaii
(since 2007 yearly)

Dolphinswimming Red Sea / Egypt

(May 2011, November 2009)
Video: Dolphinswimming Red Sea

Encounter and Swimming with the
gentle Humpback Whales (South Pacific)
(October 2012)
Video: Swimming with Humpback Whales

Dolphins and Whales: Angels and Healers of the Sea
(March 2012, November 2010)

Dolphin and Whales: Day Seminar
(2012, 2013)

Canary Islands - Gomera:
Dolphins and Love (2006)

Bali: Dolphins, gentle Yoga
and Ceremonies (2006)

Carribean by Catamaran:
Swimming with Dolphins (2005, 2004)

From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we be united and in peace.

From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we all be enlightened and live in harmony together.

From the heart of the Oceanic Mother, may all beings, all species, all life honor and support each other in peace.

From the heart of Mother Earth, may we awaken to our highest fulfillment in love with all beings.

From the heart of Dolphin, Whale, Ocean, Earth and the deepest heart of our own life, may we live as One.
swimming with dolphins
swimming with a dolphin
Dolphin Merkaba
Lecture at the Festival of Angels
in Frankfurt 2012 and 2013:
Dolphins and Whales:
Angels and Healers of the Sea
My publications about dolphins, whales
Lisa Biritz
Book: The Opening

Dolphins, Whales and Star
Beings - A Journey Home

United P.C.,
ISBN 978-3710308376

Lisa Biritz + Paul MacIsaac
DVD: Dolphins

Angels and Healers
of the Seas

Available at Amazon.com
Trailer about my work
from my publisher Schirner Verlag
@ Amazon