Focus of my work are love and a joy for life as well as a free and open spiritual path for normal, modern people in everyday life. Through healing the landscape of the soul, everyone can find balance and the own and unique place in the mystery and wonder of life.

I am a happy and loving mother of two children. We live in Hawaii in the dolphin- and whale-bay, where I write books, give seminars, and accompany people in the encounter with free dolphins and whales.

Myself, I was born in Amsterdam in 1968 and grew up multilingual in the United States and Europe. My upbringing in a UN-diplomatic family influenced me in being a bridge builder of different cultures and of a new time starting at an early age.

I studied journalism in Boston and am a magna cum laude graduate. I wrote in this field for 10 years for magazines such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Magazin, Geo Saison, Süddeutsche Zeitung - Magazin, Elle, was editor for marie claire and radio talkshow host for SFB (press). Nowadays, by the way, I enjoy writing books and other publications the most.

At the same time, since I am 18, I am on a spiritual learning and healing path. My strongest influences were Sun Bear, Osho and Buddhism. Equally meaningful were and are for me being in nature, as well as extensive travels and encounters with whales and dolphins in the oceans of all continents.

I have been swimming with dolphins and whales since I am 23 and had internships early with dolphin-organizations. I am trained in accompanying people to swim with free and wild dolphins; additionally, I am initiated in this shamanically.

In my family of origin there are several divers; that way I grew up with the sea and am experienced in the handlings of it as a certified diver. Safety of participants is first priority on all my dolphin- and whale-seminars. Thereby a relaxed contact with the ocean is possible.

I feel myself to be a bridge-builder to the element water and the living beings therein. 2007 I spoke at the United Nations in the Year of the Dolphin about their protection and significance as ambassadors of peace and gentleness in our changing times.

I am trained in family + system sculpting, shiatsu and reiki as well as for sweatlodges and shamanic work. In shamanic healing I work according to the Core Shamanism of Sandra Ingerman ("Soul Retrieval"), Michael Harner as well as Sun Bear.

This kind of shamanic healing is recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) since 1980 as equally effective in treating psychosomatic disturbances as psychotherapy, as well as in the maintenance of a healthy balance of the four areas of humans of body - mind - feelings - soul.

I was trained in family sculpting according to Virginia Satir, Bert Hellinger as well as energetic and shamanic methods of work with ancestors. I am also a certified Hatha-Yoga teacher.

I have been living in both Vienna and Hawaii in equal parts of the year since over 15 years. Since 2015 I live in Hawaii with my family.
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